The SY 2016-2017 is another milestone in the Philippine Educational System as  we all welcome the first year of implementation of the Senior High School.

Education Congress, advocacy campaigns, and  the unceasing efforts by our external stakeholders helped much the Department of Education fulfill its mission to place all things into its proper perspectives. Seminars and trainings for teachers were conducted yearly. Construction of classrooms for the Senior High School had been given a big slice in the budget. Various instructional materials/teachers guides are being provided.

After experiencing lots of birth pains and contractions, the Senior High School finally, has been born.

With the K to 12 Basic Education Program, the Junior High School or Grade 10 completers will continue to Senior High School for two (2) years. Two (2) years in Senior High School will prepare our learners with necessary skills, competencies, values and attitudes for “kolehiyo” (college  career), “negosyo” (business), or “trabaho” (work or employment).

This SY 2016-2017, the Senior High School, starting  from Grade 11, students make their first step towards their respective future careers, whether it be in Academics, Technical/Vocational/Livelihood, Arts & and

Design and Sports. If  a student chooses the TVL track as a specialization in Senior High School (SHS), his TLE Course from Grade 9/10 will allow him to earn NC II which he can use as credentials to apply in a certain job if he wants to work after completing Grade 10.

Moreover, if he wants to pursue a college degree in a related field, he is left with a lot of choices.          Moreover, D.O. # 11, s. 2015 provides the policy guidelines on financial assistance and benefits to qualified students under the Senior High School Program. This is the Voucher Program which subsidizes these students who enroll and study in Private Schools that are recognized to offer Senior High School. This program gives the “less affluent students more choices for SHS Education” in private schools. Of course, students enrolled in Senior High School in public schools are automatically free.

What better offer would the K to 12 Program brings if not this support given to parents to finance the needs of their children’s education.

One of the most significant highlights of the Senior High School (SHS) is not just what it offers academically, but that it mobilizes community participation, support and partnership. SHS illustrates the classic proverbial clause, “Education is the business of everyone”. Through the advocacy activities of the Department of Education, our community stakeholders have come to know what the problems and needs are in education and they see these as their own.

Many of our stakeholders, especially our LGUs, NGOs, CSOs, etc. have put so much (both material and immaterial) into this partnership, this partnership with business/industry sectors shall provide our SHS learners with work immersion opportunities, hand-on expertise, additional resources and even employment opportunities.

SHS may not only develop OFWs from among students, more so, it will develop lifelong learners who are productive in their respective communities.

Let us give this “BABY” a fair chance to develop for the Filipino learner.