To strengthen the working relationship between men and women at the Regional Office (RO), especially the newly-hired and newly promoted staff, the Human Resource Development Division (HRDD), in partnership with the Field Technical Assistance Division (FTAD), organized and managed the Employees’ Induction Program cum GAD activities held at Country Inn Hotel & Restaurant, Sta. Ana, Cagayan on May 2-4, 2016.

Forty-three (43) newly-hired and newly-promoted RO employees participated in this 3-day activity that focused on increased awareness of gender-related issues and was likewise designed to help the participants understand the culture of the organization, the processes they need to follow. On the first day of this 3-day GAD activity, Dr. Estela L. Cariño, Regional Director, radiated pure delight as she cordially welcomed and inspired all the attendees with her meaty and empowering message.

The first day ended successfully which was further highlighted by a memorable socialization night (aka “beach sing-a-long party); thereby, adorning the attendees with sheer gusto and contentment, as they shared nocturnal laughters along the refreshing shoreline of Sta. Ana Beach. Subsequently, on the second day of this 3-day affair, RD Cariño conducted an orientation for the new entrants and promotees for them to understand their new duties, roles, functions, tasks and other policies of the Office.

Dr. Cariño started her session by presenting the Rationalized Organizational Structure of DepEd and thereafter reiterated that the rationalization program is anchored on the mantra “Hiring the right people, with the right skills and the right attitude.” Upholding the culture of excellence in the workplace, Dr. Cariño likewise inspired the participants to personify and actualize the virtues of attendance/punctuality, character, teamwork, appearance, attitude, productivity, organizational skills, communication, cooperation and respect.

Driven to further motivate the attendees, RD Cariño quoted the famous line of Woodrow Wilson which runs, “You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with fine spirit of hope and achievement. Director Cariño then challenged everyone to regularly revisit the 3 Ms in the workplace, i.e., Mission, Model and Mirror.

After the RD’s session, Atty. Ronadette Quintos took over to talk about the DepEd’s Revised Administrative Rules of Procedure.

Atty. Quintos comprehensively discussed the nitty-gritty and the intricacies of the administrative procedures; e.g., Handling Administrative Complaints, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, and the like.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Jocelyn de Polonia, Administrative Officer V, shed light on the topic “Employees’ Benefits and Welfare.” In her lecture, she enlightened the newly-hired and newly-promoted staff on leave entitlements, employees’ incentives, how to earn leave credits and the like.

The second day was highlighted by a prompting Open Forum discussion focusing on the prevailing issues and concerns relative to the aforementioned topics.

On the third day, the Chief of the Field Technical Assistance Division (FTAD), Mrs. Hortencia P. Calvan, perked up the participants with her very interesting and informative topic on Gender and Development.

She extensively discussed the topics “Gray Spots in Women Situations, GAD Key Concepts and Core Values, Visions of GAD and entry points for GAD inclusions.

Moreover, Mrs. Calvan also stressed that GAD rests on the bedrock of Shared Parenting, Shared Home Management and Shared Decision-Making.