To strengthen the schools divisions in managing their respective schools leading to the achievement of their performance outcomes

  1. Providing relevant, timely and appropriate technical assistance to schools divisions through the coordination of all the units in the Regional Office
  2. Understanding the situation of the Schools Divisions, their needs, aspirations, plans, strengths and weaknesses
  3. Providing enabling interventions and strategies to schools divisions to help them achieve their goals and targets
  4. Facilitating continuous improvement of each schools division as an organization


KRAMajor Outputs
Technical Assistance Support Systems and Processes• TA Mechanism and System
• Organized TA Teams RFTATs
• TA Resources
• Policy Support for Providing TA to the schools divisions
Understanding the Client• Situation Assessment and Needs Analysis Findings
• List of Needs of Divisions (for TA and Non-TA)
• Priority Needs of Schools Divisions for RO action
• Performance Results of the Divisions (DMEA results)
• Strategic TA Plan of FTAD - across schools divisions or across a group of
Regional Support for Schools Divisions’ Performance Effectiveness• Policies on TA Mechanism and System implementation
• Regional Policy Recommendations and Issuances
Learning from Experience• Best Practices to be sustained, adopted or replicated