Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects Lorna Dig-Dino, Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Regional Director of DepEd Regional Office No.II joined her fellow Governing Board (GB) members of SEAMEO Regional Center for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel (QITEP) in Science at Novotel Hotel, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia for a meeting on September 22 to 25, 2014.

Nine out of the eleven GB members were in attendance to the said meeting: GB member of Indonesia,   Dr. Chong Kui Kian; Brunei Darussalam, Vanny Yang Chia Chou Moua, representing Keth Phanlack; Philippines, Dr. Lorna D. Dino; Singapore, Irene Tan; Thailand, Dr. Rawiwan Tennisara, representing Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon; Timor Leste, Veronica Moreirra Coreirra Vieira; Vietnam, Le Phuoc Minh, Acting Director of SEAMEO QITEP in Science; Dr Maman Wijaya and the Deputy Director for Program and Development of SEAMEO Secretariat, Prof Handoko, representing the Director.

The GB members elected Dr. Chong Kui Kian of Brunei Darrusalam as the chairperson; hence, Prof Handoko, the acting chair handed over the chairmanship, which the former gladly accepted thanking the body for their support.

Proceedings of the said GBM of SEAMEO QITEP in Science included the approval of the 2nd Five-Year Development Plan 2015-2020, the proposed three-year budget of SEAMEO QITEP in Science for FY 2014-2015, FY 2015-2016 and FY 2016-2017, and Personnel Strength Budget for FY 2015-2016 with an expression of appreciation of financial support from the Indonesian Government.

The Governing Body members likewise noted with recommendations the report on the progress of the Centre’s Capacity Building for inquiry Approach in Science Education and Professional Development.

From the measures undertaken, the GBM came out with recommendations for DepEd ProgCom and ExeCom’s consideration and approval: The country’s utilization of Inquiry-Based Science Learning (IBSL) Model be reviewed and possible adaption and institutionalization of the said model in the delivery of the Kto 12 Science Curriculum be considered based on local experience, The Brunei Darrusalam experience and Indonesia”s PRAISE Project and the Fresh Graduates participation in Science Program in addition to other countries’ IBSL experiences; Capacity building for national, regional and division trainers on IBSL be conducted; National Search for the Best Science Teacher in coordination with DOST, UPNISMED and other relevant NGOs be conducted based on the criteria set by the Board of Awards Committee organized by the SEAMEO QITEP in Science, KI HAGAR AWARD for Best Science; Teachers and Supervisors Research Fora on IBSL be conducted; and Official nominees for the GBM in SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics and Language for 2014-2015 be communicated to the Centers and SEAMEO Secretariat.

The next GBM meeting with the other 6 centers, as per agreement by the body, will be on September 28-30, 2015 in Jakarta with a SEAMEO Night on October 1, 2015.#