To provide efficient, economical, and effective support services relating to personnel, records, receipt of correspondence, supplies, equipment, collection, disbursement, security and custody of property, and reportorial work to oversight agencies

To ensure productivity and performance of the Regional Management in delivering the core business of the Regional Office, and provide assistance to the SDOs in partnership with the promotional personnel for the attainment of the vision and mission of the Department.


KRASub-AreasMajor Ouputs
Personnel ServicesSearch Recruitment and Selection• Hiring, recruitment and selection systems
• Candidate pool
Personnel Actions• Appointment
• Retirement
• Reclassification
• ERF-upgrading
• Conversion of Position
• Authority to fill
• Transfers
• Actions to Communications on personnel matters
Employees Benefits• Leaves
• Provident Fund loan
• Permission for Travel Abroad
• Capability building activities for non-teaching personnel
• Minutes and records of personnel proceedings (grievance, ADR)
Records• Service recordsUpdated and Accessible
• PSIPOP of RO employees
Supplies/Assets Management ServicesProcurement, Acceptance Storage,• Office supplies and materials
• Equipment
Utilization, Disposal Reports• Report of Materials/Supplies Issued
• Inventory Report
• Inspection Report
• Inventory of Unserviceable Properties
• Monitoring Report
Records• Records classification
• Records filing
• Records maintenance
• Records disposition

• Records authentication
• DepED Issuances
• Communications (received and released)
• Official records/documents

• Authentic and Verified documents - CAVs (certified true copies)
General ServicesJanitorial services• Ground and Landscape maintenance
• Office, building and facilities maintenance
Security services • Personnel, physical facilities, properties, documents
Transportation, Motorpoolservices• Office Vehicle Maintenance
• Driving services