Division/ Section/ UnitChief/HeadDesignationTelephone NumberEmail Address
Office of the Regional DirectorEstela L. CariñoRegional Director(078) 304 - 3855region2@deped.gov.ph
Office of the Assistant Regional DirectorArnulfo M. BalaneAssistant Regional Director(078) 396 - 9728ard.region2@deped.gov.ph
Accounting SectionJhoana G. PagulayanAccountant III(078) 304- 0724acctg.region2@deped.gov.ph
Administrative DivisionJose Mario M. MacarilayChief Administrative Officer(078) 373 - 0885admdiv.depedro2@gmail.com
Budget SectionRosella Rizalina Q. AcedoAdministrative Officer V(078) 304 - 7361budget.region2@deped.gov.ph
Cash SectionLuvina N. BagoAdministrative Officer V(078) 396 - 0716cash.region2@deped.gov.ph
Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD)Octavio V. CabasagChief Education Supervisor(078) 304 - 0304clmdro2@gmail.com
Education Support Services Division (ESSD)Joselito L. NaragEducation Program Supervisor(078) 304 - 0910essdro2@gmail.com
Filed Technical Assistance Division (FTAD)Zenaida P. AlejoOfficer-In-Charge(078) 396 - 0727ftadro2@gmail.com
Finance DivisionFelipe L. MarallagChief Administrative Officer(078) 304- 0724N/A
General Services UnitMarry Rose C. PeraltaAdministrative Officer IV-gsu.region2@deped.gov.ph
Human Resource Development Division (HRDD)Jerry B. SarioChief Education Supervisor(078) 396 - 2286hrddro2@gmail.com
Information and Communications Technology Unit (ICTU)Christian Roy N. MeladInformation Technology Officer I(078) 396 - 0677ictu.region2@deped.gov.ph
Learning Resource Management Development Section (LRMDS)-Education Program Supervisor/LRMD Administrator(078) 396 - 0676lrmds.region2@deped.gov.ph
Legal UnitRonadette B. QuintosAttorney IV(078) 396 - 0774legal.roii@deped.gov.ph
Payroll UnitMario B. BaniquedSupervising Administrative Officer-psu2.region2@deped.gov.ph
Personnel SectionJocelyn C. de PoloniaAdministrative Officer V(078) 396 - 9729depedregion2.personnel@gmail.com
Policy, Planning, and Research Division (PPRD)Francis Deogracias T. VenturaChief Education Supervisor(078) 396 - 0674pprd.depedregion2@gmail.com
Property and Supply SectionValentina P. SepantonAdministrative Officer V-supply.depedro2@gmail.com
Public Affairs UnitAmir M. AquinoAdministrative Officer V(078) 304 - 3855pau.depedro2@gmail.com
Quality Assurance DivisionLeoncio P. LumabanChief Education Supervisor(078) 396 - 9781qad.depedro2@gmail.com
Records SectionRonald L. PerlasAdministrative Officer V-recordsro2@gmail.com